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Can the courses be hosted on Sharepoint for Intranet without an LMS?2018-10-29T10:00:47+00:00

Yes, the courses can be hosted on Sharepoint or Intranet. Although, to record the assessment score you may have to devise an LMS or other similar solutions.

Do we require Adobe Flash to view the courses?2018-10-29T10:00:13+00:00

The courses can be developed in HTML5 without flash component. Hence, the browser will not require the flash player.

Are the courses responsive and can be viewed on different mobile Operating Systems?2018-10-29T09:59:31+00:00

Yes, all courses have responsive design and are compatible on all mobile devices.

Are all the courses LMS compliant?2018-10-29T09:59:04+00:00

Yes, all the courses are LMS compliant and supports SCORM, AICC, and TIN-CAN standards.

Do we provide localised characters?2018-10-29T09:58:34+00:00

Yes, we can provide localised characters wherever possible.

Are the courses narrated?2018-10-29T09:56:55+00:00

Yes, we do provide voice-overs for each course based on the client’s requirement.

Do you offer the translation of each e-learning course?2018-10-29T09:56:32+00:00

Yes, we do offer translation for each course on client request. Languages include; Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic & more.

How is each course licensed?2018-10-29T09:55:56+00:00

Each course is licensed to an organisation for perpetuity. Hence, every course is purchased with a lifetime license.

Can I share this course to my group company?2018-10-29T09:55:26+00:00

No, you cannot use the course for any other organisation unless agreed in the proposal.

Does the 3D content take longer time to load?2018-10-29T09:54:42+00:00

Our 3D courses are optimized to load faster compared to normal 3D videos.

Can I use a purchased course for my vendors?2018-10-29T09:54:09+00:00

No, you cannot use the purchased course with other vendors unless specified in the agreement.

Can I resell a purchased course?2018-10-29T09:53:23+00:00

The course will be licensed for your perpetuity and you cannot sell or share with any other organisation.

What is the standard package?2018-10-29T09:52:50+00:00

Our standard package will include a single engagement model wherein, an individual 3D course will be delivered on a topic chosen by the client.

What is premium package?2018-10-29T09:52:17+00:00

A premium package will include an annual engagement model wherein, an individual 3D course along with 12 infographics will be delivered on topics chosen by the client.

Do I have to pay a renewal fee every year?2018-10-29T09:50:00+00:00

No, you do not have to pay renewal fee every year. The course is licensed for perpetuity.

Do you charge based on number of employees?2018-10-29T09:49:16+00:00

No, we do not charge based on number of employees. We charge based on the effort for the development of the course.

What is licensing for perpetuity?2018-10-29T09:47:44+00:00

This means that once you have purchased a package from us, it is licensed for life with no additional fee.

Are the courses and infographics customisable?2018-10-29T09:46:36+00:00

Yes, the courses and infographics can be customised as per the client’s requirement.

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